Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Max - tubes are scheduled!

Max's ENT appointment finally happened this morning and he is scheduled to get tubes in on Tuesday morning.

I am nervous about the procedure, but at peace with the decision to get them. 

He is on the last day of his antibiotics today and has fluid in both ears still.  The ENT did say he was already seeing damage to the ear drum, so it just does not make sense to wait any longer.  He has had 4 infections in just 6 weeks and with fluid in both ears, he will probably have another infection (or two) before the surgery Tuesday morning.

I know it will be fine, but the things that make me nervous are him being put to sleep, having to take a bottle before he leaves (um.... yeah.  Maybe the nurses have some magic up their sleeves for that one), and the logistics for the two big boys.  Tuesday is the one day that all 3 are home, so it is always a challenging day for me.  The surgery will be early, so it may be a long rest of the day.  (When Miles got his, I was home in time to take Mason to Mother's Day Out at 9am.)

(We also lost power the night before Miles' tubes when a neighbor's tree took out the line.  We had no power for about 3 days.  Praying that does not happen again!)

This made me laugh..... I receive a weekly e-mail with some tidbits on what Max should be doing at his age.  This weeks said:
As your baby's muscles are becoming stronger, she's apt to lunge forward onto all fours from a sitting position. She may go into a "precrawl" exercise, rocking back and forth on hands and knees with her trunk parallel to the floor. Most babies begin to crawl between 7 and 10 months.\

Yes, it is about time that Max starts lunging forward, getting into "precrawl" mode and rock back and forth.  If only that was ALL he was doing about now! My little overactive baby!