Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Project life - week 15 and 16

04/18 - Max's first slide

04/19 - Mason loves to climb the wall and is so fast going up, over and down!

04/20 - Not to be outdone by big brother, Miles tries his hand at the wall.  He needs more practice!

04/21 - "I need a newspaper break"

04/22 - Show off!  Max loves to pull up to standing.  He is only 7 months old!!!

04/23 - I cannot resist taking pics of a sleeping baby.  I really liked how the light fell on Max's face as he slept in my arms.  Sweet boy is playing hard and sleeping hard these days!

04/24 - When your eyes smile, you know you are happy happy happy!

------------------------------- week 16 ---------------------------
04/25 - Miles loves his baby brother.  He is so protective of Max and lets people know it!

04/26 - Max is quickly learning about the big boy toys in the house.  Sitting on the tractor and pushing the buttons to hear all the noises.

04/27 - Apparently, Miles got a hand on mommy's camera.  Nice shoe!

04/28 - I know there are more pics of Max than the other two.  He is the only one that can't run away from me (for now) and it is his first year!!

04/29 - Standing up, holding on with one hand, and bending over to pick up a toy.  Wow!

04/30 - Mason got a new big boy bike.  The training wheels come off next weekend!  Can't wait!

04/31 - The 3 big boys enjoyed the nice weather and went out for a little ride!


dawn said...

These are such sweet pictures this week. Your boys are so very cute. I loved all the journaling you put with photos too. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Amy said...

sleeping baby photos are the best!