Sunday, May 23, 2010


What a day week month!!!
I have worked on this post for about a week and never seem to find time to finish and post.  Hoping it happens today!

I dropped off Mason's completed (finally!) enrollment packet to elementary school this morning Monday.  Based on the amount of pages it was, I think I might have to pledge one of his brothers, give a DNA sample and provide the deed to our house for a college admissions application.  Seriously!

Miles is a pistol.  So, nothing has really changed for him! ;)  I hate to say this out loud, but I think that he is starting to settle down.  I have started to see some changes in him.  Good changes.  When I tell him, in advance, what I expect, he has much better behavior.  Now, he is still 2 (3 on Wednesday YIKES!!!) and has his moments. But, I am seeing moments that give me glimmers of hope!  We had new family pictures done on Saturday and here is a sneak peek of cutie Miles.
Miles will be going to the preschool Mason is at now.  It will be interesting because both boys will need to be at school at approximately the same time 2 days a week (Miles is going T-Th). 

Maddox continues to amaze me every day.  He is getting so big so quickly.  And he is learning how to get around so much faster.  I know that he will just stand up and take off walking any day now!  He responds when you call his name.  He loves his brothers so much and tries to find them when he hears them in another room without him.  It is so sweet and I love the closeness that the boys will have as they get older!  And, we did get the approval from the insurance company for Max to get tubes.  I will be calling the ENT first thing tomorrow to get on their schedule.

We leave soon for our first vacation trip as a family of 5.  I am working on adjusting my expectations that we will not get a lot of rest but great family time!  I have started picking up a few things here and there that will make the drive a bit easier.  Markers, pencils, games, DVDs, etc.

I am also on the hunt for a young-ish girl to be a mother's helper to me for a few hours a couple of days a week.  The boys are not going to have any type of mother's day out of school this summer, so I will need a bit of help.  Trust me.... the grocery store and dry cleaners do NOT want me bringing all 3 kids along each week!

I have to run,  Mason and Max are up from naps/rest time and I need to get Miles up so he will go to sleep at a reasonable time tonight!  More pics soon (at least by Tuesday for Project Life ;)! )


Anonymous said...

Wait until you get the supply list and the "parent packet". The fun is just beginning :) Can't wait to see all the pictures.......

Auntie Tara