Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project life - week 17


Sunday, May 2 - Grandpa and Mason love building with Legos.  They went to Lego store and picked up some new kits!

Monday, May 3 - That is a deep sleep!

Tuesday, May 4 - Miles is so unhappy and throwing quite a fit outside!

Wednesday, May 5 - More sleeping pictures.  I love that he is holding onto the bars of his crib.

Thursday, May 6 - Smiley happy baby loves being outside.  And eating leaves.

Friday, May 7 - It is so interesting to see Mason interact with Max. He is much more loving on Max than he was with Miles as a baby.

Saturday, May 8 - We went to the plant sale at the Dallas Arboretum and filled up the wagon with several great new plants.  The line was really long and the boys needed some entertainment toward the end.