Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another peek

Here's another peek at Max's room.

Paint went up on the walls this weekend.

Blinds and curtains need to be re-hung.

Rug has to be ordered.

Need a few more things for the walls (they are in the works)....

but for now, here you go....

I LOVE the wall color. So calming.

I LOVE the tree mural. SO MANY thanks to two of the most talented and generous friends (Keely and Irini) for taking their Saturday to paint it for me while I just sat and chatted with them.

I LOVE the birds in the tree. Three little blue birds represent our three sweet boys.

I LOVE the bedding in the crib. Nana did an amazing job (as always) making my crazy dreams a reality!

3 weeks. From yesterday.

19 days. It is official. We are in the teens in the countdown. Single digits will be here soon. I can't wait and am scared to death all at the same time.....