Thursday, September 3, 2009

Max - sooner rather than later???

Since I use this blog to 1) brag on our kids (hey, just being honest!), 2) keep everyone updated on the day-to-day in our lives and 3) to serve as a journal for me.
So, here is an update for the last few days.....

I had contractions last night that were 3-5 minutes apart for a couple of hours. They did slow/stop overnight. I talked to the nurse this morning (my OB is off today) and after getting my hand spanked for not heading into labor and delivery, we agreed to wait and see what happened today.
This morning while at the church for a class I help lead, I had cx every 8 minutes for about an hour. Since getting home and sitting on the couch while the boys are resting/napping, they have slowed way down (about 15 mins apart).
But, I did call back and left a msg for the nurse again asking to be checked in the office this afternoon (so as to hopefully avoid a needless trip to l&d).

So, Grandpa may get his wish to have MEK3 born on his birthday (Saturday 9/5). I am 36 weeks 5 days, so they will not stop labor, they will go ahead with an emergency c-section. I have been told several times that since this is my 3rd, they do not want me to go into full-blown labor. Since white boy's lungs develop the slowest, please say a prayer that he will stay put a little longer and if it is his time to be born, that there would be no complications with his breathing or anything else.