Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept 11 - and a sono

After browsing through a few blogs and news sites, I am feeling nostagic about 9/11 and the events that we all think of about that date. I am saying a prayer for not only the survivors, the vicitms and their families, but also for the soldiers and their families that have worked so diligently since then to protect our country. I pray that 9/11 is only a day that our boys learn about in history class and not an event that is ever repeated in their lifetime. Like Pearl Harbor for us vs. our grandparent's generation. A date, a tragic event, a movie. But not quite real. Not quite the same horror to us. Not like 9/11. Hopefully we won't have to have two terrible dates etched into our memories of our country being attacked

In happier news, we had a sonogram this morning to check on Max and more specifically my c-section incision. It looks like it is holding strong and we will continue to let Max cook as long as he needs. Or, at least until 9/21. Since today is nearly over, just 9 more days. 9 more days. I know that things will be difficult once he is here, but I also am excited to meet him and not be so uncomfortable in my own skin!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the MUCH cooler weather! Hello 80's!!! :)