Friday, September 4, 2009

still cooking

I had contractions Wednesday night that were 4-7 minutes apart but stopped when I went to bed.
Thursday morning, they were 8 minutes apart so I called my OB and they sent us to labor and delivery to be monitored for a couple of hours. We got there about 4:30PM.
I stayed in labor and delivery until about 10 last night.
Contractions were consistent at 2-5 minutes apart, so they kept me overnight for monitoring.
Thankfully, two doses of meds stopped the contractions.
Baby Max is 37 weeks tomorrow. So, they really want him to cook another week to make sure his lungs are developed. However, my OB did tell me that if I come in again with contractions, he is not going to stop my labor, he will just cart us off to the OR for a c-section.

We did have a sono this morning and my previous c-section incision looks good. So, on that note and totally inconsistent contractions this morning, they sent us home. No restrictions (ie: no bed rest) but just waiting to see what the weekend holds. I have to go see my OB Tuesday morning.

On a fun note, the sono revealed a few clues about Max....remember I am 36wks 6 days
His leg measures 34weeks 4 days (short?)
His tummy measures 38 weeks 4 days (her words: he hasn't missed many meals)
His head measures 39 weeks 6 days (Seriously? Apparently we make big-headed babies!!!!)
Overall: 37 weeks 4 days. Estimated weight: 7lb 3 oz or approx 63%.
So, overall he is a little large (I know, big surprise for me, huh???) but not huge. Except that melon on his shoulders. Makes me happy I don't have to push him out. Thankful for c-sections!

But, I can hardly wait to kiss his sweet chubby cheeks and count those precious fingers and toes!

Grandpa is voting we meet Max on Saturday - 9/5 - his birthday.
Uncle Kelley is voting we meet Max on Wednesday - 9/16 - his birthday.
Auntie Kim is voting he waits until she gets to town on 9/16 as well.
Anyone else want to get in on the fun? Leave us a comment and let us know when you think we will meet Max. The prize for the closest guess???? YOU get to be Max's favorite Aunt/Uncle/Cousin (and mommy's if the date is soon!) for the day! :) Who could ask for more????? :)