Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A new week

13 days to go.
I am focusing on the 21st. I know that we will meet Max at least by then. Maybe before, but there is no way to know that, so I am setting myself up for the 21st.

13 days.

Deep breath.

Just feeling tired. I am having contractions all day now. They are usually 15-20 minutes apart. In the evenings, they usually get closer and do not slow/stop until I go to sleep. Unfortunately, that cannot be at 6 or 7PM when they really get going. The cx are just making me tired and cranky. They are (usually) not terribly painful, but uncomfortable.

So, that is where we are at today.

We were busy over the long weekend. The blinds are back up in Max's room. The rug arrived. I cleaned the sofa cushions. We moved the boy's seats around in the car and put Max's car seat in. (That one took an hour and a half and literally brought me to tears!!!) It's a little overwhelming to think about going out with 3 kids. It is a lot of work to get 2 in and out, so adding a third is going to add, well, I am not even sure what it is going to add at this point.

Thanks to all our friends for the sweet e-mails, calls and offers to help with the boys. They are all appreciated and helpful during this crazy time in our lives!


keelyjo said...

10 days to go now!!!!!!!