Wednesday, August 26, 2009


According to, almost all our boy's first and middle names all ranked in the top 100 for 2008.

Mason: 26 (this one really surprised me)
Eric: 96
Miles: 94 (this actually surprised me too, I hear it a lot recently and thought it would be higher)
Ellis: not on the list. (not surprised. this was my patenal grandfather's midde name)
Max: 61
Ethan: 3 (not surprising, but have loved it since we named Mason)

Maddox did not make the list, which makes me happy. I like unique names, but not names that are too out there. Simple names are best suited to our family.

I actually went through a phase while trying to come up with Miles' name where I kept liking names of counties in Texas. Seriously. Ellis, Grayson, a few others I cannot remember now. Hearing severe weather alerts on the news make me laugh as I hear those county names pop-up.