Friday, August 21, 2009

Prayer for the first day of school

Today is Mason's first day of K4. He is at Grace Acade*my again this year. I love his school for so many reasons. I loved his teacher last year. I can't wait to get to know his new teacher. I love his classmates. Several were in his class last year and they (and their parents) are precious. But still, I am a little sad to leave him this year.

My baby is growing up.

He is so much bigger than last year.
He knows so much more than last year.
He wears uniforms to school this year.
So, he looks like a big kid, not a K3 baby.

Although, a little bit of me will enjoy having some quiet in the house. And, I'll enjoy some one-on-one time with Miles. We don't get that very often.
Miles starts MDO on Sept 10th. So, I will have one day (9.14) that both boys will be at school and I will be alone before Max joins the madness family. :) On that day, I may just sit in our empty house. And just sit. And enjoy the blessed silence. And our nice, newly completed shower. :)

(I didn't write this prayer, but I loved it and had to share. I share the thoughts in this prayer and hope you do too.)

Here we are again, Lord.

Their backpacks are loaded and their faces are scrubbed and their lunch boxes are full.

And I know you'll walk with them, Lord. You always do. But a mom still has to ask.

Will You walk with them? Will You whisper to them what they need to hear, when I'm not there to whisper it?

Will You please, oh please, cover their school with the protection only You can give, and will You keep harm far away?

Will You make their minds strong and ready to learn? Will You help them understand that hard work honors the One who created them?

Will You guide their teachers, giving them patience and wisdom and creativity and more patience? Will You bless them for their efforts?

Will You love all those children there, the ones whose lunch accounts aren't full, the ones who feel alone? Will You teach my children to be kind and unselfish and to love those who are different from them?

Will You point them back toward home just as soon as you can?

Lord, I give them to You today and everyday, trusting them to Your care.