Thursday, August 6, 2009

32 week appointment

It's a first. It has taken three pregnancies, but I finally heard these words from my doctor yesterday:
"He's measuring a little small."
(Now, before anyone panics, Max is growing and doing fine. There is no cause for alarm. I am at 32 weeks 4 days and he is measuring just shy of 32 weeks. My OB is OK with that. I am elated. No reason for worrying.)
Seriously. I have big boys. Mason was 8lb 4 oz and he was born 11 days before his due date. He could have easily been 9 lbs. Miles was right on time and weighed 7lb 10 oz. So, he was no lightweight, but I also worked out my entire pregnancy and chased Mason around.
This time, there is less time for working out but I am still constantly running around after two very energetic, active boys. Eating is rarely done while sitting. Or at least not without getting up 2 or 3 (dozen) times.
So, I am taking it for now. I am SO happy to think that I might have a small-ish boy. I seriously doubt he will be too little though. OB is estimating he is already 4 lbs. Oh my aching back!!!