Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here we go again......

Had Miles in for his runny nose and it is just allergies/a cold. No biggie. As a preview to next week's well-baby check-up, he weighed 22lbs, 13 oz. Such a chunk! To compare, at one year, Mason was 24lb 3 oz. So, he will weigh less than that, but we'll see how his height measures up.

Tuesday I gave Miles a little bit of milk, since we can start that at 1 year. Yesterday while I was at the store, I picked up some whole milk and gave him 6-8 oz (throughout the day). He had terrible diarrhea yesterday and it continues into today. This is strange on so many levels, not the least of which just a week ago, I had to double his laxative medicine because he was so constipated. So, either his runny nose is acutally a viral infection that is now working through his GI system. OR..... we are battling a milk allergy/intolerance. Like the title says, here we go again. I was thinking that I would call the GI doctor today if it continued, but I decided to cut off the milk (and the laxative) and see if his system settles. He has eaten very little today. I will call the doctor tomorrow and see what he thinks. Anyone reading this have any suggestions or thoughts? I will gladly take them. I hate that this might be starting again....!!!