Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weekend, Mother's Day and Mason-ism

We had a crazy busy weekend. First, our niece, Maddie, turned 6!!! WOW!! Seems like a few months ago that she was born. So, we hada very fun time at her Bouncehouse party. Miles loved the slides and jumping in the houses. He tried to go down the really big slide several times before Mommy was ready. Mason had a great time also, but was a little slower to enjoy it. By the end, he had fun going down the slides also, but only with Mommy, Daddy or Papa! Friday night and Saturday, Eric and I painted our laundry room and an adjacent half bath that have been severely neglected since we moved into this house 4 years ago. They had ugly pinkish-peach paint that makes me hate laundry even more than I already do. So, it is a nice white color now. But, we didn't drape the (really, really ugly) linoleum, so we are hoping to get the tile from the kitchen extended into the two areas before Miles' birthday party in 2 weeks. Yeah, nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh? Well, after visiting 5 stores yesterday, I cannot find anyone that has the tile in stock. Apparently it is very popular. We'll see what happens.

Mother's Day was spent at church, cleaning up from the painting and putting away everything from the laundry room, napping (me, Miles and Mason.... daddy went on a run!), and dinner out. Very nice. Eric and I are going to do a joint Mother's Day-Father's Day gift of a patio set for our beautiful newly completed patio! :) We hope to also get that before the party. Miles' party is turning out to be very expensive! :)

Mason brought me one of his little figures - I think it is a driver of one of his diggers. He said that the man has a mosquito bite. I asked him where and he pointed to the man's chest. The man has a little whisp of chest hair (painted on) sticking out the top of his shirt. I thought it was really funny that Mason thought is was a "squito bite". I tried to explain, but he just looked at me and said "oh". You'll understand soon enough buddy! :)

Tonight we have a "New Student Information Meeting" at Mason's new preschool. I am excited but also a little sad. My baby is growing up. He'll be leaving the MDO he has been in for 3 years. Miles will attend a new MDO program in the fall also so that they will be in school the same days (Mason - MWF and Miles MW). So, I am sad about that. Mason will be leaving some of his best friends (Dylan Jo and Delia especially) as they will be going to different schools in the Fall. I'm just really sad to be closing this chapter of all our lives. But, I know he will make some awesome new friends and so will I. I won't lose my old friendships, I couldn't get through the week without Keely!!! So, we're off in a few minutes to start that journey..... I'll post an update on how it goes.