Thursday, May 29, 2008


Miles weighs 22 lb,11 oz, which puts him in the 55%. And, he is in the 95% for height (I'll have to look at his height later, I can't remember right now!). So, he's tall and lean! :)
We talked about his diarrhea (such a change of conversation from the normal constipation talk we have) when I tried the milk last week and he gave me some suggestions. I am going to see what the GI doctor says also (have to call him again today - I still have not heard from him) and go from there. We also talked about the fact that Miles is not talking very much. We both feel that it is because of all the ear infections he has had and are going to watch him, but give him more time. He did suggest asking his ENT to do a hearing test at his next follow-up in 6 more weeks (or so).
So, good check-up. Miles got 4 shots plus a toe prick for blood. He was in such a great mood, until the shots, of course. But he rebounded well and has not had a fever this time around.
Today is the last day of MDO for the normal school year. The boys will go on Thursdays in June and July. And, August is ALL mommy-time, ALL day. We are going to have to find some activities to fill our days. I am thinking one day will be swim for Mason (at Emler), one day swim for Miles (at the Y), one day at the library (Mason has a summer reading list for his K3 class -- WHAT????), one day to play outside and one flexible day. Any other suggestions from more experienced moms?
Gotta run get the boys ready. Have a great Thursday!