Monday, May 19, 2008

What a weekend -- so weird!

We had a busy, busy weekend! Two birthday parties -- our nephew Kaleb is 9 and he had a bowling party. Mason got to bowl and did great with it! He was so cute in the little shoes! :) Although, he was in a size 11 shoe and our niece Maddie, who is 6, was in a size 12 shoe. CRAZY!! Maybe I should say he was so cute in the BIG shoes! Our friend's little boy turned 1 on Sunday, so they had a (very cold water) swmming party. Very fun for everyone though. Saturday night, we hosted a bridal shower for my cousin's son (does that make him a second cousin???).
Eric and a neighbor tore out the toilet, sink, and cabinet from a half bath off our laundry area. We are getting new tile this week in there and the laundry room. So, we will replace the toilet and put in a pedestal sink after the tile is installed.
I also did a little work on Miles' first year scrapbook last night. Whew! Busy Busy!!!
While at the bowling alley on Saturday afternoon, I ran into a friend from Jr. High and high school. We have not seen each other since graduation - it was so bizarre that we were both in the same place at the same time. It was fun to talk and catch up on a little bit of life. Then, Sunday I had a new friend on facebook -- another friend from jr high and high school. Actually, we met in elementary school, but he is a year older than I am, so we became better friends while in band together in jr high. It is so fun reconnecting with old friends -- people that knew me before kids, before marriage, when I was a "Johnson", when I was young and naive! :)
Well, I get to go pick up the boys soon and hear all about their day at "school". Only 2 more days left of this semester.... I'm so sad!!! But, they will go on Thursdays in June and July. August will be an interesting (and very long) month.......!