Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Playing catch-up and blogging about some randomness happening around here

Thus starts the blog post with the longest title I have ever used.  Get ready, this is a really random one.

Oh Miles!  I know that I say it several (dozen?) times a day!  Yesterday, it came from Miles' Mother's Day Out teachers.  He gets a "Here's What I did Today" paper each school day.  It lets moms know if your child ate, slept, helped out, etc.  It has an open spot at the bottom for "Additional Teacher Comments".  I have had some interesting ones through the years from both Mason and Miles' teachers.  Yesterdays:
"Oh Miles, :) he is such a Comic Relief that is much needed through out the day! :)"
That is verbatim.  Including the caps on Comic Relief.  Not sure if I should be happy, flattered or punish him for something crazy he did!

Mason has picked up on the fact that E and I spell things that we don't want him to hear us talk about.  Such as:
E: Should we take the boys to the p-a-r-k? (Yes, we always call the playground the park.  It is much shorter to spell.  We started that when Mason was little and will always call a playground a park in our house.)
K: Lunch at c-h-i-c?  (That is our shorthand for Chick-fil-a. We go to the same couple of places and are apparently lazy in our spelling. :) )

Mason's school doesn't start back until today and since he only goes on M-W-F, he will start tomorrow. Can't wait.  I mean, I enjoyed a little one-on-one time with my eldest yesterday.  Really, I did.  He is easy-peasy when Miles is not around. Anyway.  So, yesterday, on the way to pick up Miles from MDO, Mason told me "Let's go to x-w-e-l-m after we pick up Miles." 
Me: Where do you want to go? (laughing because I know he's picked up on the spelling)
M: To the park. m-k-w-z-a
They get too smart too soon in my world!
And,just because I don't want to leave him out, Max is doing awesome.  He loves his brothers and is getting big so quickly!  He has started spitting up a crazy amount in the last couple of weeks.  Reminds me of Miles. (I know.  I know.)  The good news is that it does not seem to bother him in the least.  I am doubting myself about it though wondering if it is a normal amount of spit-up for a baby (and maybe Miles' was too?) and I am just overreacting or if it is truly a lot of spit up.  Anyone have any thoughts?
Miles goes for his 4-month check-up later this month and Mason has his 5-year check-up at the same time.  I have never taken two boys for appointments at the same time.  Should be interesting.  (I have taken 2 boys in at one time, but only one would have to been seen at any given appointment.)
I also have a meeting tomorrow for the class I help teach at our church.  So, I am going to take Miles to the Adventure K1ds Playcare center near our house.  I have heard good things about it.  I am anxious to see how he does.  If MDO is any indication, he will provide Comic Relief. :)
Mason and Dylan are going to do private swim lessons at the Y this spring again to get them ready for the summer season.  I am going to do a mommy-and-me class with Miles in the spring as well.  In summer, he will be 3 and able to get in the pool by himself.  Can't wait to see if he is as good a swimmer as big brother.  Also anxious for him to actually be able to swim when he launches himself off the steps or side of the pool when I have a baby in my arms and am NOT ready to catch him!

It is going to be a crazy start to the year!
I think I need a nap!
But, I have bible reading to do.  I got about 5 chapters ahead yesterday.  That should help! :)

Have a great day!