Monday, January 25, 2010

short update

Ok, here we go....
today's update will be short.  more later, i hope!

mason: 5 years ago today, eric and i were talking with my ob, family and close friends and trying to decide what to do tomorrow ... induce labor or go straight for a c-section.  ultimate decision?  c-section.  5 years, 2 more c-sections, 28+ hours of labor with baby #2, and failed vbac (vaginal birth after caeserean) later..... shouldn't have stressed it so much.  my body?  NOT made for babies coming out the conventional method. 
max and i took cupcakes to mason's school today for snack time.  kids loved them.  only one (not mason) complained that his did not have enough icing.  love love love his teacher.  good time!

miles:  well, he's miles.  more about him on another day. :)

max:  teething, apparently.  like two bottom teeth are ready to come through, naps not happening, screaming when he is put down (where did my happy, laid-back child go and when is he coming back???), not eating well, drooling and spit-up flying.  yeah.  what a weekend it has been!

me:  Bible in 90 days reading is going well!  I missed reading at all on friday, but read extra saturday and sunday and am almost caught up.  i have an extra 1 1/2 chapters to read today but plan to do that in just a few minutes while the house is quiet.  when today's reading is finished, i will have read through 1 kings 16.  wow!  25% of the way through and it has been awesome!  so proud of myself for sticking with this one!

well, max is up and screaming his little head off.  that would be less than an hour nap.  all day so far. lord help me!


Brandi Tooker said...

We're in a similar boat with Will! So hard to put down for naps and more spit up than normal. And fussy!!! I had a 24 hour bug this weekend...made for an awesome weekend with him so restless and me miserably sick. Yay. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that you posted a picture of your husband in his drawers?


Sharon J said...

I noticed that too. Had to answer the phone while I was laughing so hard! So much for the up-tight attorney!!!

keelyjo said...

How about more about miles today? Poor middle child! :)