Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project life

Just a quick update so I keep up with this project.  Loving it, by the way!

1/17 - Wrestling with daddy on the floor.  What a great way to spend a morning!

1/18 - Sweet Maddox is getting so strong and is doing a great job holding his head up.  And, look at those sweet, chubby thighs!  And, the cute cloth diaper! :)

1/19 - Poor Max is struggling with teething.  This is how I see him most of the time - two fingers shoved into his mouth.  Hope they pop through soon and give him some relief!

1/20 - Nana and Maddox.  Her brown-eyed grandson.

1/21 - Always SO happy.... unless his gums hurt, of course!  Love that sweet smile!

1/22 - Curious Mason.  He is becoming such a big boy right before my eyes.  So curious and inquisitive.  He understands more and more about the world each day.


Susan said...

Great pictures, I enjoyed this!!

Your sons are sooooooooooo cute~

Anonymous said...
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