Sunday, October 25, 2009


My parents, both my olde brothers and I were in the car together last week.

side note: I don't know how long it has been since it was just the 5 of us together. Technically, Max was there, but he did not have much to say that night. :)

Anyway, we were in the car. Mom and dad in front, Kevin and I in the middle seat and Kelley in the 3rd row.
All of a sudden, Kelley apparently felt like being an older brother and pulled my hair. Yes, he did. And my response?
"Seriously? Did you just pull my hair? What are you, like 5?"
Apparently the look on my face was equally hilarious.
I guess God did prepare me for 3 boys. Or at least, he tried.
On the way home, all 3 kids were texting. Not exactly how we spent our time in the car together as kids.

In other news, Miles is SO sick. He has been running a fever since Friday evening. He has a clear, but sightly runny nose. And, he has a horrible sounding, hacking cough. He cries every time he coughs and he is not eating. He was tested for the flu on Saturday (negative), but not strep. So, we may be going back to the doctor tomorrow.
So, the entire weekend was spent keeping him away from everyone else and especially Maddox. And, carrying around a can of Lysol and sanitizing wipes.

Oh the joys.