Friday, October 16, 2009


Maddox was scheduled to be delivered by c-section on Monday, September 21st.

I went to my 39-week (last) OB appointment and after chatting with my doctor for a few minutes about my contractions (frequency and intensity) was sent down to labor and delivery (again) to be monitored. I promised Eric that if we were sent home again without a baby in my arms, I would be have a tantrum that would make a 2-year old jealous! The visit to L&D led to a sonogram to check my previous c-section incision. The sonogram quickly led to a c-section being scheduled at 4PM.

Both of my 2 previous deliveries were by c-section and they used the same incision. The day before, I had contractions all day long 5-12 minutes apart and my incision was hurting/burning all day as well, which if it opened would be a huge problem for me and for Max.

When I was put back on the monitors after the sono, my contractions were stronger and about 3 minutes apart. My OB, Dr. C, happened to come by to check on me. He decided that he did not want me to have pain medicine that might mask a problem with the incision and decided I could not wait until 4 and we were going right then. (Although, everyone forgot to tell me and it took a few minutes for me to figure out why my room was suddenly crowded with nurses and an anethesioiogist.) That was around 12:45PM. I was quickly given an epidural, prepped for surgery and moved to the operating room.

Surgery began at 1:06PM
Maddox was born at 1:26PM.

Surgery was finished at 1:41PM.

My epidural had a problem (I honestly cannot remember what it was now) so once I was back in the recovery room, I had to roll onto my side (with a lot of help from my sweet nurse Anna) so that it could be fixed. OUCH. Seriously! The pain meds being gone for about 20 minutes and rolling onto my side immediately after surgery caused my pain to get out of control. The decision was made to take Maddox on up to the admitting nursery because there was no chance of me nursing him right away. I was in way too much pain.

Thankfully, it was under control soon enough and I was allowed to nap for about an hour while the family kept watch over Max upstairs in the nursery. After taking a quick peek at Max, I was taken up to my room around 3PM and got to hold Max and feed him for the first time shortly thereafter.
So, where is the jinx, you may be wondering????


was made by Max's sweet, well-intentioned, trying to get ahead of the game Nana.

That's right. At a family baby shower, Nana gave me a blanket with Max's scheduled c-section date of 9/21. I told her then that the date was jinxed and there was no way he was going to be born on the 21st.

I was right. :)

But, Nana worked quickly and the very next day, Max had a brand-new blanket with his actual birth date.

Makes a fun story, don't you think?

Fun fact: Mason's birthday is 1/26.... the same as Max's birth time of 1:26PM.