Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Keely

At my 12 week sonogram, we were told it was 90% certain that BabyBoo was a boy.

After my 19 week sonogram, the day we found out for sure that baby #3 was a boy, my sweet friend Keely had two gifts waiting.... one blue and one pink, just in case.

This was the "blue" gift and the colors that I was thinking would make a beautiful nursery.

I think Max looks absolutely handsome in his outfit, don't you?


Sharon J said...

You are welcome on the bedding. Would you please take a close-up of it. How many newborns have their own monogrammed bedding??? Goodness!!

Sharon J said...

Sorry I put my first comment on the wrong place. The outfit is adorable.

keelyjo said...

I just could not have imagined how handsome he was going to be! What a hip little man in his outfit! Oh I love him!