Monday, August 11, 2008

We're home

Clearly, the week got away from me while we were away.
Tuesday, I had all 3 kiddos while Kim went to the office. Yeah, no time, at all, to blog that day!
Wednesday, we went to the playground and Farmer's market and then the boys had pics in the afternoon. (More on the pics in a minute)
Thursday, we went to the beach at Lake Michigan. Mason loves the water. That we knew already. Miles also LOVES the water. I think that he actually loves the water more than his older brother. I could not keep him out of the water. Even when his chin and his entire body were shivering from the cold, cold, cold water. He also loved playing with the toys in the sand. Unfortunately, he liked the ones the cute little girls sitting next to us brought with them and not the ones that mommy went and bought special for the trip. Go figure. Miles is a flirt anyway! That evening, some good friends of Kim's (M&C) came over and kept the 3 kiddos while we had a manicure/pedicure, shopping and a quiet dinner. These awesome friends have no kids of their own so probably didn't know what they were getting into. Mason actually told C at one point to call mommy (after telling her to call daddy and then kim) to ask about a snack. He kept M & C laughing and on their toes by negotiating with them all evening -- snacks, drinks (volume and type), bedtime.
Friday, we had to pack up and say goodbye. The flight was SO much better than the flight out. I had a bottle of milk for Miles so that his ears would not hurt. He drank it and then just sucked on the bottle off and on through the whole flight. Mason's DVD player ran out of juice the last hour of the flight. So, the last half hour or so was rough as the boys were antsy, tired (neither slept a wink!) and ready to get up and move. But, there was no screaming like on the way there, so it was a great flight and we weren't "that family"! :) Always a great day!!!

So, we did the boys pics while in Chicago. I would try to describe the experience, but the photographer really does it best on her blog. Look here.....
go on.... you know you want to! Leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite. I can't decide!!!

We spent a somewhat quiet weekend. Had a baby shower for BabyJ- my best friend's soon-to-be-son! We had a yummy dinner out that evening with friends. Sunday was church, play, lunch, naps, swimming, dinner and bed. Not a bad day!

This is our last week before Mason starts K3 next Friday. But, next week is full of activities getting ready for school (final swim lesson on Tuesday, meet the teacher on Wednesday morning, Orientation on Thursday morning). So, we're enjoying time with just the 3 of us at home this week. Ordered Mason a new backpack and lunch bag at LandsEnd and Miles a nap mat this afternoon. Just have to find their first-day-of-school outfits now. So exciting and sad.

I promise to upload pics as soon as I get them from my sis-in-law. We used her camera in Chi-town as mine didn't make the trip. Oops.