Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today, we get haircuts. Yes, that is plural on purpose. Miles is getting his first haircut. I have had far too many people call him a "her" lately. When Mason's teacher asked me yesterday how old "she" is, it put me over the edge. So, we are going to get a trim today. But, if those curls go away forever, I will be SO mad at myself for cutting it and not letting him be curly a while longer.......... let's hope for the best! I'll post pics later today (hopefully).
We are also visiting Miles' new mother's day out school this morning. We'll see his class and meet his teachers. Should be exciting. He starts tomorrow. I will have 6 hours (almost) of non-kid time. This will be the first day since July 31 that has happened. Not that I am counting....! :)
Mason had a great day at school yesterday. He laid down at nap time and even fell asleep. (Friday he got in trouble for not wanting to stay laying down - the teacher had to count to 3 - Mason told on himself on the way home Friday.) There were no tears at drop-off, so he received a new train for being a really brave boy, just like the engines are really brave. :)


Summer said...

enjoy the SIX HOURS!!!! :) :)