Friday, August 22, 2008

New school

Wednesday, Mason and I visited his new school and his new classroom. We met his teacher, Mrs. R. She is fabulous and she also has 2 boys, so I feel like she will be great with Mason. Thursday, I attended orientation and picked up our car line tags. I am SO excited about having the option to pick up Mason in car pool line. I will no longer have to get Miles out of the car, go in the building, get all Mason's things and haul all those things plus two boys, my keys and usually my phone back to the car, buckle two boy in their seats and finally leave. I usually have worked up quite the sweat (who needs a gym membership when you have kids???) -- especially in the warm (HOT) summer months!

Today. Well, today was Mason's first day of school. He woke on his own at 7am. I woke Miles up a few minutes later. I fed both boys breakfast and then Eric dressed Mason while I dressed Miles. We took a few pics of the boys:

What a difference a year makes. This was the boys on Mason's first day of MDO last year:

Mason rode in Daddy's car and was excited to walk into the building. We were a few minutes early, so we stood in the hall for a few minutes. Mrs. R met Mason at the door. We hung his backpack and lunch bag on his hook. Mason started figuring out that mommy, daddy and Miles were about to leave and he was NOT happy. The water works began. We said quick goodbyes (this is always the easiest on everyone) and then of course stood in the hall for a few minutes. Ms. Burns, the admissions director, was outside his class and said a quick prayer over Mason and that he would be comforted and have a great first day. That was when mommy's water works started. I had to pass his classroom a few minutes later and he was sitting in Mrs. R's lap, but he was no longer crying. I went to my very first room parent meeting (more on that later!) and again had to walk by his classroom on the way to the car around 10am. He was sitting in the circle on the floor listening to Mrs. R read a story. By the time I got Miles in the car, Mason's class had gone out to the playground, which I was parked right next to. I moved the car a little in hopes he would not see me. He seemed hesitant and a little stand-offish for the first few minutes. He did climb up and started going down the slide before I left, so that was a good sign. I just realized I did not make him go to the potty before I dropped him off, but I am sure he was still in the same clothes on the playground. So, hopefully he was not too shy to go to the potty there or tell his teacher he needed to go....!!!!
I'll report on the remainder of the day's activities this weekend.