Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As promised, here are pics of Miles - post first-haircut. He still has curls, so I am VERY happy! The top is loose curls still and the back is tight ringlets. Now, maybe it will all grow out together evenly so he won't be accused of having a mohawk anymore!
OK, well, I have tried for 15 minutes to get the pics uploaded and blogger is just not letting me upload. I'll try one more time, but you may have to wait to see them!

Oh, and just for the record, I LOVE car lines. Mason's school does carpool lines. I was unsure of how it would work, especially with a 3 year old. Let me tell you, it works well! They have 6th graders (and a teacher) at the drop-off point and the pick-up point. The students get the kids out of the car and walk them to their class in the morning. Eric is taking Mason to school this morning (thank you, honey!) and doing the carpool drop-off for the first time, so I am anxious to hear if it helps distract him from the fact that he is at school and will keep him for crying. In the afternoon, I pull up to the curb with my number (identifying Mason) hanging from the rearview mirror. A student brings him to the car, helps him in and also buckles him in. I never even have to get out of the car. HOW GREAT IS THAT??? I don't have to get out. I don't have to get Miles out. Life is great!!!

OK, I have to go get Miles up. Today is his first day of school at CCDS. 6 hours..... 6 hours of quiet! All for me! :)