Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy week

Mason starts school on Friday. I can hardly believe it. Because the school he is attending (Grace Academy) goes from K3-6th grade, it has PTF, lots of activities and fun field trips. We are officially entering the world of school tomorrow. We go to meet his teacher in the morning. Thursday morning, the boys are going to stay home with a sitter while I attend orientation and find out about fun things like car pool lines and car pool tags. (I am actually really excited about this because I won't have to get Miles and myslef out of the car to take Mason into the school and pick him up from his classroom!!! The 6th graders walk the k3 kids to and from their classroom!) And Friday is his first day of school. I am excited but a little nervous about how he will adjust to a new school, teacher, friends.
Miles starts his new school next Wednesday and we meet his teachers next Tuesday. He is so fussy the last few days. I think he might be trying to finally cut some more teeth. He still has just 4, so we are due. Past due. I keep saying that, but he actually has a runny nose and is waking in the night. So maybe. Just maybe! :)