Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yes, it's inevitable.....

Well, the boys have been sick for several weeks. Mason is almost well, but has a lingering cough. Miles has had 2 sets of ear infections (or maybe the first didn't go away. who knows!). I came down with an upper respiratory infection (read: viral = no medicine to make it go away or feel better sooner). Eric now has some congestion as well. I know that when you have kids coughing, sneezing and laying on you that it is almost inevitable that mom and/or dad get sick also. But this stinks. Miles has not slept a full night in almost a month. And, the pediatrician said on Tuesday that he looks like all 4 of his front teeth are ready to cut through. Wouldn't that be odd?? And, the top look more swolen than the bottom. Has anyone seen a baby with top teeth and not the bottoms in yet? Very odd.

Just a quick request to keep Eric in your prayers. He is running the White Rock marathon next Sunday, so this is not a good time for him to get sick. He needs to be healthy going into it in order to be able to qualify for Boston.

Only one other milestone to report is that Miles sat up by himself for the first time on Sunday, November 24th! Better late than never! :) Next milestone is crawling! I'm scared to have two mobile boys in the house!!! Maybe you should keep me in your prayers also!!