Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone!
Not much is going on around here. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving, which we will be spending with Eric's family. We are looking forward to spending some time with his sister, Kim, her hubby, Ben and our newest niece, Emilyn. (See their website at babyfearing.com).
Miles is slowly getting over his ear infection. He is also doing so much better on the formula. He has been pooping most days over the last couple of weeks (with very few doses or milk of magnesia). I now have approximately 60 bags of pumped milk in my freezer that I have no idea what to do with. I just don't think that I could throw it all out! His reflux is also much better. It is not totally gone, but it is not daily that he is going through several outfits.
Mason is great. He is starting to show some signs of turning the corner on the "terrible 2's". Again, everyday is not perfect, but I am seeing signs of things getting better. He has also learned to spell his name --- MSON. He refuses to say the "a". He skips it every time. He did the same thing when he first started counting to 10 - he would skip 7 every time. I think that he does it to make me crazy.
Mason is up from his nap, so quiet time is over! Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I'll post some pics of the family soon.