Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New pics of Miles - 5 1/2 months old


Tina W. (Big Sis :-) ) said...

How cute are your boys!!!! Love the pics.
A marathon huh? I'm sooooo impressed. I walk for exercise and I can't walk more than 4 miles without my legs and hips feeling like ... oh, yeah, like they may DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, have ya'll ever seen Good Company with Dennis Quaid? The young guy who becomes Dennis Quaid's boss reminds me to much of Eric. Ha!
So, how are the boys doing and their church. Where are they having church now?

Anonymous said...

By the way, I have your blog website saved in my favorites under Entertainment.!!!! How funny is that? I love reading your stuff.

Kendra said...

Great question! They met at a local funeral home in the chapel for a couple of weeks. They are now meeting at a nearby Baptist church at 1:30 on Sunday afternoons. It is truly a makeshift situation, but they are making the best of the curveball that God threw them.
Thanks for reading!! I am glad we are entertaining! :) Mason keeps me laughing most days (when I am not wanting to pull his and my hair out at least!)