Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Don't give me attitude, Mommy!"

So, this morning I was dressing Mason for another fun filled day. Mason asked about going to school (mother's day out, which is on Monday and Thursdays). I told him that he went yesterday and will go again on Thursday. I told him Miles will also be going to school on Thursday. Then I said (with a slight bit of sarcasm in my voice) "what will I do to fill my hours without you and your brother around? What am I going to do, Mason???" He looked me in the eyes and with a very serious look on his face, said "Don't give me attitude, Mommy!" I sat, stunned, for a moment trying to decide what he had just said and then busted out laughing. Apparently, Mason has heard this a few times lately (a few hundred probably) and I guess he picked up on the sarcasm in my voice. I could not help just cracking up laughing. He started laughing also (probably so he didn't get into trouble for attitude again). Nothing prepared me for this part of motherhood!

Enjoy the laugh and have a great week!

PS... Sunday's run -- 4 miles - 50:00 mins