Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project life - week 24

I have missed a few weeks of updating Project Life, but I have been keeping pics in my files and continue on with this album.  I love it!!

Sunday, June 13 - Oh, those eyes!  And those chubby cheeks!  And the two little teeth!  Be still my heart!

Monday, June 14 - Miles has suddenly taken off in the pool.  He just got in one day and figured out how to swim and not sink.

Tuesday, June 15 - Mason got his practice lure stuck in the tree.  Somehow, when I was trying to help him get it out, I got his fishing pole stuck in the tree.  Oops!

Wednesday, June 16 -Nana's retirement party at SMU was held today.  After 15 years there, she is retiring.  I am excited for Nana to get more time with her grandkids.

Thursday, June 17 - Loving that little bald head while I can.  Max loves to sit in the grass and feel it.

Friday, June 18 - We met Keely, Dylan and Jude at the park to play and have a picnic.  The kids were so hot and tired when we left but had (as always) so much fun together!

Saturday, June 19 - Play hard.  Sleep harder!  Miles was fast asleep at 6:10PM.  We put him to bed a little later and he slept until 8AM!  (Look at that curl going down his forehead.  It will not lay any other way!)


dawn said...

love your photos this week. the last one is so sweet, love curly hair on boys. have a good week.

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