Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Growing up

I knew it would happen.
I also knew it was coming.
I saw it in small doses.
I was in denial though.  I thought if I ignored it, it might not really happen.

This boy......

He is growing up.
Every day, I see a little more big boy and a little less preschooler.

He would rather play guns than cars.
He prefers legos over trains.
He corrects me on the names of certain animals.
He is an amazing big brother.

He handles the added responsibility of having 2 little sets of eyes watching him with grace.
Yes, we have hard days.  But, they really are becoming more like hard moments in the midst of great days. 
I am looking forward to him starting kindergarten in the Fall.  But, I am cherishing every moment of our last days together. 
Well, cherishing and trying to keep from being sad about my oldest turning into a boy.

He is growing up.


keelyjo said...

Sweet Mason....

I still remember when he spent the night when you had Miles. He placed his blanket on his pillow and had "Uncle Mac" come lay his head on the pillow next to him. I am sooooo blessed I get to watch him grow and watch everything God is doing in his sweet little heart.

Kee Wee Jo

keelyjo said...
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