Wednesday, June 16, 2010

9 months old

It is so true that with each child you have, the time goes by more and more quickly!
I feel like Maddox just joined our family about a week ago.  I have no idea where 9 months has gone.
He is so sweet and just fits in.  He loves his brothers more than words can describe and I can only imagine the trouble they will all get in together!

Sweet Max,
You have been cruising for several weeks and I have caught him standing on his own (holding something in his hands, so he doesn't realize he is standing on his own)! 
You wear size 9mo clothes, but still fit into quite a few 6 month shirts.  Your fat feet are size 4.
You love bath time and cry when I get you out.

You got tubes in your ears 2 weeks ago (June 3rd) and are still pulling on your right ear.  Praying that this will end your run of sickness forever.
You are an awesome sleeper and know when I take you into your room and turn on the white noise machine - you start chewing on your thumb and making fussy noises.  You rarely cry more than a few minutes, and almost always put yourself right to sleep.
You are all over the house and love to look outside.
You are not a huge fan of the stroller but enjoy the BabyBj0rn and the backpack carrier we took to Colorado. 

You hate to lay down for a clean diaper or to change clothes.
You also hate your car seat (probably something to do with having to lay down in it and staring at the back of the seat.  I wouldn't be thrilled either!
You love people and love to be talked to!

You wave bye-bye and say something that sounds a bit like "bye".
You lean in when I say "kisses" and sometimes turn your lips to me to give a kiss back.
You are such a precious addition to our family and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you!