Monday, November 24, 2008


Two funny stories about Mason today:

mason woke up from his nap to the sound of the heavy-trash truck.
he likes to watch it, so he opened his blinds (i could hear him from the den).
suddenly, he came running into the den gasping and sobbing. i knew he wasn't hurt but it took a couple of minutes and a couple of tries to figure out what he was saying through the heartbreaking sobs.
finally, i realized it was "they took our new pumpkins, mommy"
he was devistated!!! he was not just crying but sobbing.
he totally did not understand that daddy put the pumpkins out there for the trash men to take.
poor guy.
ahhhhhh, the simplicity of life through the eyes of an almost 4-year old!

this morning, as i was getting mason dressed, he was squealing right in my ear, so i nicely told him to be a little more quiet as he was hurting my ears.
on the way home this morning from running a few errands (including picking up our registration packets for the Turkey Trot on Thursday!!!), it was close to lunch time and i was trying to keep peace and quiet in the car, so i started making silly car noises. that almost always gets a few laughs and sometimes participation from mason and even miles at times. this time, mason says "no thank you, mommy. that hurts my ears."
what can you say to that? there really is no come-back!

miles is sick. again. he has been running a fever since saturday night. no other real symptoms of illness though. clear runny nose and associated cough. some throwing-up yesterday, but he does that everytime he gets congested. could be teething. should i take him to the doctor before the holidays? his fever was 101.6 before naptime today. i am not sure what to do. he isn't eating much and has been napping for just over 3 hours now. any thoughts? anyone?