Monday, November 10, 2008

Dr's report and words

Mason does not have an infection, just poison ivy. Nothing to do but wait. And, hope that the two sets of pictures scheduled for next Saturday (the 22nd) do not show his battle-scars. :)

Miles has several words, finally. He has been really slow in starting to talk. He has made noises for a while, but now says words that we can understand. He says bye-bye, daddy, doggy (although those sound very, very similar!), Go (as in ready, set, Go -- yes, we do a lot of running and chasing in our house), UP (as in pick me Uhhh-Puhhhh!!!), mommy (I hesitate to put this on the list, because I rarely, rarely hear it), No (this one is more "Nahhhhhhhh" than N-O, but it is crystal clear what he means).

Mason's first soccer season came to a close last night. I am happy to have our Saturday mornings back for a while. I do plan to start him again in the Spring, as long as he is willing and having a good time. At 3-4 years old, that is really what matters to me.

Ok, off to put two handsome boys in the bathtub to kill some time, I mean spend some quality time, before Daddy gets home and the sandman comes to visit! :)