Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday's run

8 miles - 1:30:50
A little slower than I hoped, but I am still getting used to running outside with hills and terrain changes and not on a treadmill that is nice and flat and forces me to keep a pace :)
And, for the record, my training schedule only had me running 7 miles, but I was able to go 8. I have never run that far in my life, so I am pretty proud of myself. And sore. Very sore calves. Sunday my knee hurt all day, but I rested it and iced it, so it is much, much better today, thanks for asking :)!

Please say a prayer for Mason. He got a scratch on his cheek at school sometime last week. Other than the fact that it looked bad because it is on his face, it was really a non-event. We get lots of bumps and scrapes. Saturday morning, he woke up with a little patch of poison ivy (confirmed by our neighbor - a doctor) on the same cheek, about an inch below the scratch. Again, sorta a non-event because he was not really even aware of it, was not scratching it or anything. Well, today I had to pick him up early from school (around 11) as he was scratching it and it has spread and covers most of his cheek, including all over and around the scratch. It is warm, indicating a possible infection and fever? So, we are going to pick up Miles in a little while and head to the ped's office. They can't see us until 3:30, so I am just letting him rest. He put himself to bed around noon (odd behavior), hardly ate any lunch (again, odd behavior), and has been asleep for over 2 hours (really odd behavior). I am not really sure what the dr. will say, but I am a little worried about our big guy. Please say a prayer and I'll update on him later. Maybe I can get him to let me snap a photo - it's pretty nasty looking though.