Friday, November 14, 2008


Tuesday: 4.5 miles -- 46:50
Thursday: 3 miles -- 33:58
Saturday: planned 9 miles
It is 9.33 miles around White Rock Lake, so I am going to head down there in the morning for my run. It is an asphalt running path, so it is much better on the knees and hips than concrete. After Tueday's run, my IT band (runs from your knee to hip) hurt so badly, I could not walk. It was really, really tight. I stretched it and used this big foam roller -- let me tell you - that hurt just as badly as trying to walk! It is better once it gets warmed up and stretched out, so I am hoping for a successful run tomorrow. (Let me clarify that I define successful as making it through the full run and not dying in the process! :) ) I did read that long runs should not be done for time, only to put in the mileage and get the body used to running farther and longer. With all that said, I am hoping to complete it in 1:45 or less. I know it probably seems like a little thing to most people, but please say a prayer for me to finish it well and strong and without too much pain. I really want to accomplish this goal and be able to show myself and the boys that I can do this and the value of challenging goals.
Oh, Mason's poison ivy rash is looking so much better today. I am hoping it will be totally gone in another week!