Monday, June 30, 2008

Mason's first movie

Mason saw his first movie in the theater this weekend. Eric took Mason on a boy's afternoon to see "wall-e". He loved it and did a great job of just sitting still and watching the movie. He also received a watch at the movie. I guess kids got a give-away. I am so proud of how he behaved and excited to have a new activity to spend an afternoon with. I am sure it will be a long time until Miles is at the point that he can also go. But, maybe mommy and Mason can have a date soon! :)
Not much else to report from this weekend. Miles has a runny nose, so no gym today for mommy. Mason has a cough, but no other symptoms of any sickness (no fever, runny nose, etc). So, I am not sure if it is just allergies or what.
As I was typing this, Mason walked up next to me and looked at the computer and said "that's my name mommy". I am SO proud and excited that he recognized his name in the text. Yea!! Maybe all those "Letter Factory" videos and lessons we do a few times a week are sinking in after all!