Sunday, June 15, 2008

Austin and San Antonio

So much to write about. Miles is well, so no news on that front is GREAT! He has not had a fever since Tuesday, so I guess the viral infection he had that cause the fever and the seizure is over. I am still obsessively checking him often for fever.......
Wednesday, we drove down to Austin with my parents. We rented a house and stayed a couple of days. We saw the bats flying out for their evening meal (very cool!), walked around the Capitol, visited the Austin Children's Museum and spent some fun time as a family. Eric and I met up with an old friend, Summer for dinner. We met her husband, Chris, and their BEAUTIFUL daughter, Tatum. We had great food, a rude waiter (we were actually told that there were a lot of people waiting to get a table after we paid the check..... seriously????), and fabulous conversation. Tatum is such a doll and such beautiful big, blue eyes! Thanks Summer! We can't wait to see you all again very soon!
Friday we drove on down to San Antonio. We saw the Alamo, met up with one of my brothers and his family (Kevin, Donna, Kaleb and Hannah), had dinner at our favorite place - Casa Rio - then did the river boat tour. All very fun, but a long day for the boys! Later that night, my other brother and his family met up with us at the hotel (Kelley, Tara and Maddie). Saturday, we all went to Sea World. Yes, 13 people - 8 adults and 5 kids to keep up with in a very crowded place. But, no one was lost or even temporarily missing. Pretty impressive, I think! We had a great time despite the heat and enjoyed all the shows, animals and the swim area. Mason got overheated and did not sleep well last night. He had a low grade fever all night, but was better this morning. So, we left first thing and got back around 1:15 this afternoon. 5 days together as a family was really good for us. We really needed it. And, Eric just told me he is taking tomorrow off. Wow!! I don't even really know what to think! :)
I'll post pics soon from the trip. We should have some great ones. I think we tood about 500 pictures in those 5 days.
Happy Father's Day to all the daddies and daddies-to-be out there! :)
Special Happy Father's Day to Crazy Uncle Ben since it is his very first Father's Day!!


Summer said...

so...sea world...good for a 1 year old??