Friday, April 25, 2008


Thursday was just a frustrating day. Mason got into a little trouble at school for not listening and for getting a little rough with one of the girls in his class (please -- someone with boys, tell me that it gets better..... I don't know how to make him sit still for any length of time and obey instructions the first time they are given!!!! HELP!!). Miles had a short nap in the afternoon and was fussy because of it. Some random things happened with scheduling doctors appointments that were frustrating. I also found out that my OB/GYN that delivered both boys and that I love is dropping our insurance in June. Argh!!! I don't want to have to find another dr at this point in life. Deep sigh. It will all be fine.
Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the boys -- all 3 of them! :) We'll be spending some time on Saturday with a couple of sets of old friends. So, that will be nice. Hopefully the boys will cooperate and be in good moods for it all.
OK, I should go check on the boys. They were playing in Miles' room together (where I am sitting still) and they both left the room..... it's too quiet in the house...... be afraid, be very afraid!