Friday, April 11, 2008

Miles has tubes

Just wanted to update you all on Miles. Sorry that this did not go out yesterday -- we lost power at the house around 4AM Thursday morning due to the storms. Our neighbor's (rather large) tree was knocked over by the strong winds. It took out a brick wall and, of course, the power lines. As of 8AM this morning, we are still without power!
Despite no power and getting ready in the dark, Miles had his surgery Thursday morning to put tubes in his ears. It went great - there was a lot of fluid in both ears that was apparently pretty "nasty" - that was the doctor's technical term for it. It was so thick, it clogged his suction. It all went well, took about 10 minutes and then he was in recovery. Recovery was fine, but he was quite unhappy with the world, to say the least. He screamed and fought us for about 40 minutes, and finally fell asleep in mommy arms. :)
Miles is doing well this morning. He has a runny nose and is sneezing, so I am hoping it is just allergies. Mason suddenly has a deep cough also. Not sure why these boys can't stay well lately! We are staying at my parent's house for now. But, we hope to be able to go home today to check on the house, refrigerators (yuck!!) and the dogs.