Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Miles LOVES:
- Dancing to music - any music - commercials, mommy singing, toys.
- Walking. Most of the time he wants to hold onto a hand still.
- Shoes. Don't know why. He just loves to play with them and chew on them (don't tell Eric!).
- Mason. Very sweet!
- Talking. He is babbling so much more now that he has his ears clear and he can hear.
- His mommy (at least for now - soon he'll love time with Daddy more).

Mason LOVES:
- Trains. Come to our house and you'll understand the obsession.
- Watching movies. "The Polar Express" and "The Bee Movie" are current favorites. (Yes, we are STILL watching Christmas movies. The kid doesn't understand it is 8 more months until Christmas again.)
- Time with Daddy
- Running. He runs laps around our house and loves for anyone to run with him ("chase me!!")
- Being outside and playing in the dirt and/or water

Mommy LOVES:
- Her boys. All 3 of them!!!

My point in this was not to highlight the differences in the boys, but as I wrote, it became more and mroe apparent how different they are..... I'm sensing a theme today..... see my last post! :) Just wanted to journal my thoughts so I will have them in the future.
Miles also says mama now (YEA!!!) and says "bye-bye" as he waves. Great job Miles!


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