Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have often thought and said that if Mason could grow gills, he would be a very happy boy. He LOVES swim lessons. He LOVES water. He LOVES bath time. Anything to do with water and he is happy. At bath time, he will take a huge breath and just stick his face down in the water and sit there. It is a little unnerving and I have to stop myself from grabbing his hair and pulling him out. He pours water over his own head until he is close to drowning! I am not sure if it is a passion or if it has turned into an obsession!!

This semester, he has lessons with Mr. Chad. He loves Mr. Chad. He talks about Mr. Chad all the time and swimming with Mr. Chad. At lessons on Tuesday, Mr. Chad decided to see just how far Mason would swim. He swam 7 feet and 8 seconds by himself. Chad was quite impressed and called the deck manager over. He did it again and they decided that Mason is ready to advance to the next class. So, this evening, he will be joining Mr. Chad's Advanced AquaTots class. I am a little sad that he will not be spending time in the pool with Dylan any more. They have done every swim lesson since they were 5 months old together. But, this is his passion right now. I am excited to see how he does with an older group of kids. We are doing the afternoon lessons so that he can stay in Mr. Chad's class.

Mason and Dylan
Mr. Chad and Mason