Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A new week!

It is a new week and a time to start fresh, right? It has already been a little tiresome and it's only Tuesday! Ugh!! Mason was a little sick over the weekend - just a little cough and he lost his voice. And, have I mentioned that we are in the middle of the "terrible 2's"? He can be the sweetest kid in the world and then he can turn - on a dime - into some other person's kid. My kid wouldn't act like that, right? :) I won't go into the details (so as to not have the world know all the bad things that happen behind closed doors), but potty-training regression, hitting (the neighbor's kid with a toy shovel- long story there!!!), and lots of back-talking have been involved.

Miles has recovered from his shots. We have started cereal and his constipation has not gotten better (in fact it is worse), so unless things change drastically over the next week (the goal is to have him poop at least once a day), I will be calling our pediatrician back early next week. He will then be sending us to a GI specialist. Please keep Miles (and mommy) in your prayers about this. With "food" in his system, he is getting much crankier much faster than he did with just milk. He has not pooped since Saturday and is getting quite fussy about it. I think that I would be too!!!

Eric will be running his third marathon (yes, a full 26.2 miles) on Sunday. I am so proud of him and his dedication to something so difficult (mentally and physically). He made it through the training this year with no injuries (last year he had a stress fracture in his leg)! I'll post his finishing time and some pics early next week. If you are really interested, you can go to:
and register to receive updates on his progress at three points during the race.

Thanks for reading and for the great comments!

(Update: As I finished posting this, I thought .... "what's that smell??? MASON!!! Did you pooh-pooh? No? Huh..... MILES!!! YEA!!!" Yes, Miles finally pooped. Who knew THAT would be something to celebrate rather than dread. Yes, what a weird life I lead these days!)