Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I have been focused on Miles lately and all his health issues that I often do not post about Mason's progress. So, today is all about Mason. I took some pictures of both boys yesterday and as I was looking back through them, I realized that my "baby" is quickly becoming a boy. I tell him all the time that he is a big boy or he needs to act like a big boy. But, I didn't quite get that he is a big boy. He gives me this look from time to time that is much more "mom" than "mommy". He sometimes calls me mom and that drives me crazy!!

He loves to dance and sing. He sings his "ABC's" (but usually leaves out the letter J -- I think on purpose). He knows most of his colors but usually gives me the wrong color the first time he is asked because he knows it drives me crazy! We are working on learning letters by sight now. His favorite books are "Go, Dog, Go!" and "Go, Train, Go!" by Dr. Seuss (notice a theme -- he is ALWAYS on the G-O. I blame his daddy!). He will spontaneously start quoting large portions of each book while he is playing. He rarely will do this if asked, you just have to catch him doing it. He is a little shy at first, but quickly warms up and loves attention. He is into making animal noises lately and the new favorite is the elephant. He loves to play with our neighbor's son, Chris. They are going to get into much trouble together in the next several years, I am quite sure. And, he is always loyal to his best-friend, Dylan Jo. He asks to play with her and they get each other through the difficult drop-off time at Mother's Day Out.

Our neighbor bought a golf cart and all the neighborhood kids love to ride in it. Yesterday, he let Mason drive it for the first time. It is a pretty scary glimpse of things to come in about 12 years when Mason gets his learners permit! Click the arrow on the video below to see him driving (the man in the video is our neighbor, David)!!!

Enjoy the pictures of our little man and baby (for now) Miles! I will post more tomorrow after we get finished with Miles' test to let everyone know how he (and Mommy and Daddy) is doing.