Thursday, October 18, 2007

Miles update - Test complete

Miles came through the test like a champ. He did not fuss at all and was a perfect angel! We were able to be in with him the entire time and I held his hands and talked to him to keep him occupied.

They do not think it is Hirschsprungs's Disease. They would have to do a biopsy to fully rule that out. But, his colon is longer than normal, which can cause constipation. They don't know if it was always longer or if it stretched when he has been constipated to accommodate the extra poop. I did find out that there is a test they can do to test for the milk allergy, so I will be asking for that before we go on the new formula and totally wean him.

The only difficult part of the test was trying to get him to poop out the barium at the end. He was pretty unhappy about us trying to get him to go. That was the only time he cried. As of almost 2 hours later, he has not pooped out most of the barium still, so I am going to have a nasty mess on my hands sometime today!! They wanted to get it out while we were there so that they could get an x-ray of him "empty", but he was only about 1/3 empty.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and thoughts. They were appreciated and kept me sane this week. I hope to talk to the doctor tomorrow and see where we go from here.