Monday, October 15, 2007

Miles update - first GI appointment

We took Miles to the GI doctor on Friday and he wants us to rule out the possibility of a milk allergy. So, we have changed his cereal and formula (Nutramigen) and eliminated all dairy from my diet as long as he is still nursing. This eliminated most of the things that I usually eat including almost all "convenience foods" and most breakfast foods. So, if it turns out to be a milk allergy, we will be weaning pretty quickly!

But, we are also going to have a test done on Thursday morning at 9:30AM to rule out the possiblity of another condition. I am sure that it is going to be fine, but the anticipation of having our 4-month old baby having a horrible sounding test is stressing me out a bit. And, no comfort foods to make me feel better.... so, I am learning new ways to deal, I guess. He also gave us 2 new medicines for the reflux. So far, no change on that front. But, he also said that if it is a milk allergy, dairy in my diet could be making the spitting-up worse.

On a good note, Miles is his normal, happy self. And, he won't remember any of this is happening! Thanks to everyone that e-mailed over the weekend and that have kept us in their prayers. We would ask for them again this week and especially Thursday morning!


Alisa said...

You can find a good list of breakfast goodies and other dairy-free foods here -