Friday, November 6, 2009


So, we had to take Miles to the ER Tuesday morning.

Miles picked up and then dropped a glass on the wood floor in the den and it shattered everywhere.
I had just finished a shower and Mason ran into our bathroom saying "Miles dropped a glass" over and over.  I didn't think a whole lot about it for a second, but then I saw the look on Mason's face and the panic in his voice hit me.  I ran into the den and Miles was sitting on the floor screaming.  His (white, of course) shirt was covered in blood on the tummy.  My heart stopped.  I grabbed both of his wrists to try and determine where the blood was coming from.  Thankfully it was just from his hand, not his tummy or chest like I originally thought.  Apparently, after the glass shattered, he picked up a piece and cut 2 fingers, one much more badly than the other.

I ran him to the kitchen to clean his hands and saw a wide cut on the ring finger of his right hand.  It was gushing blood (sorry to be gross!) and I knew I had to put pressure on it.

Mason was not doing well at this point, so I kept sending him out of the room to get me things - my glasses, a towel, etc.  Miles was still screaming and Max was screaming from his bed.
I called Eric and had him call the pediatricians office.  I knew I could not hear them over the screaming from Miles.  They asked us to come in so they could look at it to see if he needed stitches or if they could use the skin glue in their office.  We went to our ped's office and the nurse felt that he needed stitches and sent us to the ER.  After an hour and a half waiting,they decided to just use the skin glue (dermabond) and avoid the trauma of stitches (and needles!).  The thing was that it was not terribly deep, it was just wide and had a hard time staying closed to heal.
As of about 8 hours later, he had already started picking pieces of the glue off and it was totally gone a little over 24 hours later.  I am just hoping it had time to close up enough so that it will not get an infection in it.  I am bribing him with jelly beans to keep a band-aid on it.  More often than not, he gets a new band-aid and not a jelly bean. 
I know accidents happen, but I am feeling like a terrible mom as it was my water glass from the night before. I have said for months that Miles is the one that will always keep me on my toes and that will end up in the ER the most times.  So far, Mason - 0, Max - 0, Miles - 2.
I think he is going to be the cause of my grey hair.....!!!!