Monday, November 23, 2009

So quiet

The two big boys are at Nana and Papa's house this evening.  The house is quiet.  So quiet! 

This is the first night they have both been gone since the night Max came home from the hospital... I believe.  I wouldn't trust my brain to remember much of anything at this point in my life.  I have forgotten so many things lately.  Big things.  Small things.  So many things.  All forgotten.  What is wrong with my brain? 
I was talking about something... oh yeah.  The quiet.

Ahhhhhhh.  The quiet.  It is nice.  Just me and Max right now.  He's asleep.  Eric is out on a run. When he gets home, we are going out to dinner.  A nice quiet dinner.  Just the two of us and a child that cannot talk (back) or walk or fuss about his food.  A nice quiet dinner.  And, I can probably even sleep in tomorrow morning.  Just feed Max when he gets up (did I mention he slept 8.5 hours straight last night???) and then we can go back to sleep together.  So beautiful! :)

We might do a bit of shopping in the morning.  Groceries and Christmas.

Ahhhhhhh. The quiet. :)


Sharon J said...

Ah, so noisy at my house. Have Mason and Miles!! Boy what we have been missing! Love it.